106 Glen Road, Ranui

Score given – 10/10 + Service = 5/5 Excellent

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 Even though the agents work for the vendor, I found Georgia and Team Malloy to be very upfront and honest. They assisted with every aspect of buying the property, as well as moving, and putting us in contact with people for reno’s/purchases for the property. Very friendly service!
If we could do one more thing to make you more likely to recommend Harcourts, what would that be?The referral system as well as the great service with Team Malloy already makes me want to recommend them to others.
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 Georgia and Team Malloy were incredible professional and friendly. Came across trustworthy and obviously realise how important repeat customers are. No slimy sales tactics for short term gain. Would definitely recommend!!

How likely are you to recommend Harcourts to a friend or colleague?
Are you happy for your feedback to be shared with the office owner and the salesperson?
   Yes, I am happy for my feedback to be shared. – Buyer

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