16 Jezero Drive, Ranui

1. Out of 10 How likely are you to recommend Harcourts to a friend or colleague?

2. Tell us a little more about why you gave this score?
  Very happy all around. My experience was Perfection in an imperfect world.

3. If we could do one more thing to make you more likely to recommend Harcourts, what would that be?
   Sorry, there’s just nothing I can recommend, team Malloy was on point with everything

4. How would you rate the overall service you received from  …
   1 Star is poor and 5 Stars is excellent   5

5. We would love a review we can publish online. EG: What impressed you about the service you received
 Prompt, Extremely competent, Friendly and easy to work with, Relatable, Informative, Professional, Fun and Honest
6. Are you happy for your feedback to be shared with the office owner and the salesperson?
   Yes, I am happy for my feedback to be shared. Purchaser – 16 Jezero Drive

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