52 Roy Maloney Drive

“They say that selling ones house is among the top on the list of stressful events in life. You need a steadfast experienced hand to guide you through the twists and turns that show up along the way. 

Fortunately we had chosen the very able Team Malloy – Nicky, Mark and Adrienne and they patiently advised us at every turn and kept our spirits up through the journey. And that journey ended ten days ago with settlement and we heaved a sigh of relief having made it out the other side. 

We would without any doubt recommend Team Malloy for anybody who wishes to sell…(or to buy for that matter). Their grasp of the market and negotiating ability is superb. They are a team with heart! Thank you so much Nicky, Mark and Adrienne for your support and assistance. We couldn’t have done it without you.” Girish & Neha

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