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How likely are you to recommend Harcourts to a friend or colleague? 10/10 Tell us a little more about why you gave this score? Team Malloy worked very efficiently and well and gave us excellent advice on selling our home. If we could do one more thing to make you more likely to recommend Harcourts, what would that be? Nothing that we can think of – Team Malloy helped us through all the procedures and made a great effort in the selling of our home. How would you rate the overall service you received from Nicky … 1 Star is poor and 5 Stars is excellent 5 We would love a review we can publish online. EG: What impressed you about the service you receiv… Nicky and her team were wonderful – they helped us through all the procedures, they worked efficiently and put a great effort into the selling of our home. We were able to leave it in their hands with complete confidence. We also loved their friendly amd willing attitude, which helped so much in our selling experience. Are you happy for your feedback to be shared with the office owner and Salesperson? Yes, I am happy for my feedback to be shared. Lynn and Les Tipping

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